My name is Shelley,

Just over six years ago I embarked on my business journey - backed by the princes trust and my first embroidery machine I went for it! With a goal of my very own baby shop.

It was a lovely journey , i started selling at local fayres including succesful events i ran myself ( and still do) and i mainly worked from our spare room......

I then found out I was pregnant with a baby girl! I continued working as far as I could (and making lots for her) I went to big markets in the snow , Seriously quiet shopping fayres , I did as much as possible ....30th March 2013, Our beautiful Hallie Anne was born.


I was off on maternity and was trying to decide what was best for me and my baby - did I just give up my dream of a shop and creating gifts ? do  I go and find a new job where I knew I wouldn't be happy and away from my princess Hallie?

One afternoon we were coming back into our village and I spotted a to let sign on the corner of the arcades shops , i thought this is a sign! I went to look at it ..PERFECT

I built it up from nothing with Hallie with me as much as I could, what stock I had from the markets and my little faithful machine

Just over a year in my shop I upgraded machines, updated the shop and bought in new stock- it was amazing! In 2015 i added an additional machine to keep up with orders!

I have learnt so much in such a short space of time

I celebrated the 3rd birthday of the shop in September 2016


After expanding so much, in July 2017 we moved to our new bigger shop <3  


In July 2018  i  threw Our third Baby Festival at Baggeridge Country Park!Which was a great sucess!

September 2018 after a hard few months due to being broken into in the may we managed to survive the upset , we fought back and celebrated our 5th Birthday in a High Street Shop! Go us!

2019 im enjoying creating our own brand of products and looking forward to attending the baby show at the nec in 2020


I believe in quality of our products and the personal touch my team offer, We're here to help you :) 


After my journey so far ive learnt a few things 
Never let people discourage you 

Orders can take upto 14 working days to be completed for dispatch /collection 

Please contact us prior to ordering if required for a specific date

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